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22 Feb 2007 (updated 4 Apr 2007 at 18:42 UTC) »
REEM-A is the first prototype of humanoid robot built by Pal Technology, a company located in Abu Dhabi , with a branch in Spain.

Even if REEM-A was meant to be a preliminary version of the final product, it can be already defined as the most complete and advanced humanoid robot in Europe and Middle East. REEM-A can walk, recognize people and various objects, grasp simple objects, recognize voice commands and detect obstacles (watch the video). As well, it is completely self-contained: the on-board batteries last 90 minutes and the embedded computers have sufficient computational power to perform in real-time all the tasks.

In autumn 2007, a more advanced version will be presented: REEM-B. The second prototype will be the base for the development of a commercial version of humanoid robots.

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