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Prgmr.com has been selling Virtual Private servers since 2005. I (at the time, Luke Crawford was the only employee of prgmr.com.) started with FreeBSD Jails, but soon (near the end of 2005) moved to Xen2 with a NetBSD dom0. Our current servers are running the xen.org hypervisor, version 3.3, with a Linux Dom0.

prgmr.com is owned by Luke Crawford. Many excellent people have worked for prgmr.com in the past, including Thuy Vu, Neal Krummell, Valerie Gullet, Chris Takemura (who is partnering with me to write The Book of Xen)

Currently, prgmr.com employs the SysAdmins Luke Crawford, Nick Schmalenberger and Will Crawford, with help from Chris Takemura and Michael Crawford. Our accounting expert is Linda Coleman

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