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myLCD - A Unicode Text Rendering Library http://dl.qj.net/myLCD-A-Unicode-Text-Rendering-Library-Development-Libraries-PSP-Development/pg/12/fid/5223/catid/202 File Name mylcd-0.20-bin.rar File Type RAR Developer Okio Operating System PSP File Size 5.22 MB Created 03/06/2006 Updated 03/06/2006 Downloads 432 times Download Price Free

File Description Mike, aka Okio, from our forum has released a multi-platform Unicode text rendering and mini frame-buffer API library for embedded hardware and standalone LCD contrololers. He has just released version 0.20 of myLCD which now supports the PSP (tested on 1.5).

Updates for v0.20.0 include: - Support for the Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) - New text rendering pipeline. - Memory footprint drastically reduced. - Large improvement in 'Font to Glyph to render' time. - Support for PNG images. - Frame conversion API. - GB18030 support.

With two text rendering engines using standard TGA/PNG bitmap and BDF fonts and along with character mapping enables support for ISO8858-1 to 16, GB18030, GB2312, Big5, CJK (Chinese, Japanese & Korean EUC KR) text, with 67 TGA and 72 BDF fonts prepackaged with distribution. Another feature worth mentioning is complete support for HTML Character and entity references; eg, "⬬" and "& #36215;" (?). Contains internal image support for TGA (including RLE), PGM, BMP (all bitdepths) and PNG through libpng.

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