17 May 2004 evilrobots   » (Observer)

steve, advogato is unreachable again. Now assume that you are going to bid for hosting advogato.org as a non-profit business account for your ncc.com, may i cordially ask you to give me an estimation of dollar amount that would cover basic labor incurred for the transition and internet bandwith cost of maintaining such a site? I usually like the idea that people manage their love affair with numbers especially when love affair attracts more than two obsessive parties. Although i do know for one of a kind love affair, base your 'to be or not to be' on numbers could be misleading, but until stem cell research got its green light, i don't believe there's any other good will more pronounced than putting numbers behind a will

i intend to start an unofficial fund raising to secure advogato's future online life time on my own if all other efforts fail to eliminate inequity as i see exists...

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