3 Jun 2002 evilrobots   » (Observer)

hey, scienceboy2, is that your home? Wow, you've got some very smart ancestors. This is where i live with 5 little male robots and one giant ONE. Around May 31st, i discovered that the robotic arm in our tape jukebox is giving error messages again. It refuses to do those important backup jobs. That robotic arm was sick a year ago. A new arm was shipped to us. But it went ill again early this May. A male nurse from Sun prescribed a patch for it but i don't believe it's the right cure. I am still doing some research. It may be the nerve system not simply the body injury. But first, i find an old arm on another machine to step in to get the job done so we can afford more time to do a proper diagnose for the broken arm on a much more expensive machine.

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