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[NJSP backup notes]

  • mminfo -c linux1|rmsprod
  • tar xvfp /dev/rmt/0n read first archive from tape;
    tar xvfp /dev/rmt/0n read second archive from tape
    The following is an example using tar to transfer files across the network.
    tar cvfb - 20 files | rsh host dd of=/dev/rmt/0 obs=20b
    In the example above, we are creating a tarfile with the c key letter, asking for verbose output from tar with the v function modifier, specifying the name of the output tarfile using the f function modifier (the standard output is where the tarfile appears, as indicated by the `-' sign), and specifying the blocksize (20) with the b function modifier. If you want to change the blocksize, you must change the blocksize
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