15 Apr 2002 evilrobots   » (Observer)

new batch of used powells book came today: James Michener's "The Source", Will Durant's "Our Oriental Heritage: The story of civilization", Joseph Campbell "The hero with a thousand faces", Jared Diamond "Guns, Germs and Steel: The fates of human society", Sigmund Freud "Civilization and its discontents", the following items are not currently available "Seeds from a birch tree: writing haiku & the spiritual ? " by clark strand. ( i add that book so that it's over $50 in total. i like the fact that powell still ships the book to me without any shipping charge even though one book is not available. I never can appreciate accuracies of calculations done by my credit card companies. As a matter of fact, their calculation enrage me and i really like to spend some time to argue with them in court one of those days when there isn't more interesting book to read. )

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