15 Apr 2002 evilrobots   » (Observer)

draft of an article intended for advogato posting.

i don't see much point of arguing about different merits of programming languages. Having said that, i would like to argue a better way to define the results of all our previous arguments. With the agreed upon onset of a fix point, we can then conclude which language is more likely to provide a shorter cut under our pre-condition. The experiment i had in mind is like these:

Two women in middle age, with sufficent training in scientific disciplines when they were young but for one reason or another, they did not pursuit the path of becoming scientists. One day, both of them read an old article about John Conway's game of life. They played the game since men have already implemented the game in Java, Python etc. One woman wish that she can implement the same game in a new language CLEAN by herself. But even if she did that, it is still questionable to say that CLEAN is clever than Java or Python because of the priori existence of the implementation in other languages. In the article, Conway conjectures ...

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