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myLCD - A Unicode Text Rendering Library http://dl.qj.net/myLCD-A-Unicode-Text-Rendering-Library-Development-Libraries-PSP-Development/pg/12/fid/5223/catid/202 File Name mylcd-0.20-bin.rar File Type RAR Developer Okio Operating System PSP File Size 5.22 MB Created 03/06/2006 Updated 03/06/2006 Downloads 432 times Download Price Free

File Description Mike, aka Okio, from our forum has released a multi-platform Unicode text rendering and mini frame-buffer API library for embedded hardware and standalone LCD contrololers. He has just released version 0.20 of myLCD which now supports the PSP (tested on 1.5).

Updates for v0.20.0 include: - Support for the Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) - New text rendering pipeline. - Memory footprint drastically reduced. - Large improvement in 'Font to Glyph to render' time. - Support for PNG images. - Frame conversion API. - GB18030 support.

With two text rendering engines using standard TGA/PNG bitmap and BDF fonts and along with character mapping enables support for ISO8858-1 to 16, GB18030, GB2312, Big5, CJK (Chinese, Japanese & Korean EUC KR) text, with 67 TGA and 72 BDF fonts prepackaged with distribution. Another feature worth mentioning is complete support for HTML Character and entity references; eg, "⬬" and "& #36215;" (?). Contains internal image support for TGA (including RLE), PGM, BMP (all bitdepths) and PNG through libpng.

anybody here checked out this compilation of free robotics software from pyrorobotics.org?

16 Jan 2005 (updated 12 Mar 2005 at 17:53 UTC) »

# ibook boot in ydl 4 version cd /root wget -r -l 4 -p -np -D www.xys.org 2>/var/log/xys.org.wget.`date +%s`.log mkisofs -R -J -hfs /root/www.xys.org | cdrecord -v speed=1 dev=/dev/hdb -data -

17 May 2004 (updated 17 May 2004 at 17:33 UTC) »
steve, advogato is unreachable again. Now assume that you are going to bid for hosting advogato.org as a non-profit business account for your ncc.com, may i cordially ask you to give me an estimation of dollar amount that would cover basic labor incurred for the transition and internet bandwith cost of maintaining such a site? I usually like the idea that people manage their love affair with numbers especially when love affair attracts more than two obsessive parties. Although i do know for one of a kind love affair, base your 'to be or not to be' on numbers could be misleading, but until stem cell research got its green light, i don't believe there's any other good will more pronounced than putting numbers behind a will

i intend to start an unofficial fund raising to secure advogato's future online life time on my own if all other efforts fail to eliminate inequity as i see exists...

anybody know what's going on with the other virgule site, advogato.org? if virgule data on advogato's site is irretrievably lost, i consider it a loss to at least a few data owners, myself included. But the thing is that i do not really care only about data published under my name but the site as a whole with all its relationships and fights...like badvogato.org, for a few people that do care, do they have rights to write to raph about what backup strategies they would like it to have?

7 Sep 2003 (updated 31 Mar 2004 at 17:46 UTC) »

Log analyzer AWStat (perl), Analog (C), Webalizer (C), HitBox ->
lego software need to pick one... all about linux usb
12 Jun 2003 (updated 10 Aug 2003 at 04:27 UTC) »
  • 3Dlabs OpenGL shading Language Compiler - a good or bad idea?
  • Request Tracking
  • jobtraq
  • sagewire vote for ticket system and request tracking </a>
  • Movie Clip on Demand
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    There is no Cabal. James Kibo Parry (Kibo is Japanese for hope, English for 'Knowledge in Bullshit out'). Kibo Number is not quite as important since ,by now, more people know about AllYourBaseAreBelongToUs than about Kibo.

    Maybe Call Graph Drawing Interface (a gprof - VCG interface) is the way to go to probe how GNU Go engine actually does its thinking...and then how to make it to 'think' differently.

    go terms

    TermNet , Hacker_crackdown by Bruce Sterling
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       Hyattsville, Maryland 20783
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    Go Daddy Software?

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