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roundup , SQLite, monotone. Business should hire more programmers not to write their own lousy code but to test run what's available on the free market.
22 Apr 2003 (updated 22 Apr 2003 at 21:58 UTC) »
  • trying out sys admin tools:
    "Topping top in Solaris 8 with prstat"
    rsync -avz -e ssh --rsync-path="/home/sye/bin/rsync" `pwd`
    6th:/home/sye/tmp WORKS
    unset LANG; man xinit|mpage -t -l -j1,1 -v|lpr => save trees
  • 18 Apr 2003 (updated 18 Apr 2003 at 23:08 UTC) »
  • misc dba sqlplus commands
    sql> select sid, serial# from v$session
        where audsid = sys_context('userenv','sessionid')

    sql> select namespace, gets, getshits, pins, reloads, invalidations from sys.v_$librarycache where gets >0 order by 2 desc;

  • 16 Feb 2003 (updated 16 Feb 2003 at 16:44 UTC) »
    a netBSD dude
    a used-book reseller and publisher? how much will it cost? $225,000 ?!!
    12 Feb 2003 (updated 12 Feb 2003 at 16:10 UTC) »

    get to know Bea WebLogic Server:
    20828 pts/12 S 0:06 /usr/local/bea/jdk131_06/bin/i386/native_threads/java -Dplatform.properties=platform.properties -jar /usr/local/bea/weblogic700/commo n/lib/quickstart.jar
    RROR! Shared library ioser12 could not be found.

    2 Feb 2003 (updated 3 Feb 2003 at 00:22 UTC) »

    select sum(decode(name,'free memory', bytes)) from v$sgastat; select sum(bytes) from v$sgastat; watch out for fast segment growth Oracle Enterprise Manager Event Test Reference Manual. Part# A89872-02
    AQ Servlet
    select username, value from v@session sess, v$sesstat stat, v$statname name wehre sess.SID = stat.SID and stat.statistic# = name.statistic# and name.NAME = 'session uga memory';

    scienceboy2, it's a good thing that you are learning JAVA. One of these days, you'll be able to tell me why JAVA sucks and how we can get rid of JAVA beans one at a time with REAL Columbus coffee beans transported to million households through info superhigh ways. I drink tea. Tea is better.


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