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Daniel Morrow, Executive Director, The Computerworld Smithsonian Awards Program.

Xinmin Evening News (Daily) reports that Mitsubishi has developped a chip ( about 4 square centimeters) capable of learning and memorizing. The company plans to use the chip in weather forecast and air travel control applications in about 5 years.
Eric Mazur lives in Concord, Massachusetts with his wife Angela, and children Natalie, Marc, and Sophie.
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created a new project "Pretty neat Privacy -> PnP" copyright & patent by evilrobots.

Computer Program Turns Spoken English into Sign Language. (National Geographic - Aug 2002)


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"To me, C is very much a legacy language. It should have left behind long ago, or perhaps should have never been created." How do i connect mark with chuck? Hmmm. i must find an auspicious time to make the connection. It's all 'a matter of degrees' (by Gino Segre)

"The First Three Years of Life" by Burton L. White. What about "The first three years of artificial life" by me?

15 Jul 2002 (updated 15 Jul 2002 at 18:04 UTC) »
Spatial data clearing house of New Jersey . btw, i like G2G. Let's make it the next generation of P2P -> G2G. ps. my dual-heads workstation came in today. i believe i'll try SuSe this time to see if it'll spin.

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