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Computer Program Turns Spoken English into Sign Language. (National Geographic - Aug 2002)


30 Jul 2002 (updated 30 Jul 2002 at 18:18 UTC) »

"To me, C is very much a legacy language. It should have left behind long ago, or perhaps should have never been created." How do i connect mark with chuck? Hmmm. i must find an auspicious time to make the connection. It's all 'a matter of degrees' (by Gino Segre)

"The First Three Years of Life" by Burton L. White. What about "The first three years of artificial life" by me?

15 Jul 2002 (updated 15 Jul 2002 at 18:04 UTC) »
Spatial data clearing house of New Jersey . btw, i like G2G. Let's make it the next generation of P2P -> G2G. ps. my dual-heads workstation came in today. i believe i'll try SuSe this time to see if it'll spin.
13 Jul 2002 (updated 13 Jul 2002 at 17:23 UTC) »

scienceboy2, i'm fine. thank you for checking on me. 'GOTA GO'? do you mean GO: Life Itself? I even made a copy of 'Life Itself' of humans. My copy is much faster for the obvious reason.

a great magazine Infinite Energy - The Magazine of New Energy Technology. Particularly fond of this article "The Black Box Game: Some broader aspects of alternative energy" by Jon Norris.

If one believes that the purpose of society is to create a sort of human ant farm, with bustling little worker/consumer drones all milling about in orchestrated chaos, then the petroleum-fueled, electric grid economy works just fine. Stability and smoothness of function are the imprtant target parameters, and the occasional wiping out of the colony by major catastrophes is simply to be expected. The colony can be rebuilt with new worker/consumer drones and started again. No problem. Since nothing beyond the ant farm concept is expected or desired, replacing one set of worker/consumer drones with a new set fits the plan nicely.
If, on the other hand, one views society in light of its service to the individual, one comes to a different understanding of things...
I look at it very simple: individuals can survive without society, but society cannot survive without individuals. Therefore, the existence of the individual is primary, and that of society secondary. Society exists to serve the individual, not the other way around. A decentralized, free energy society would better serve humankind than a controlled, smoothly operating ant farm. It would be quirky,confusing at times, boisterous, noisy, and more than a little obnoxious, but it is the only society worth inhabiting.

Name: Joshua Vimes

Notes: I like doing stuff with databases, xml, webbased apps etc. Currently tinkering with python and apache (and a bit of Zope).

So, MadCoder , it takes you about 10 days to decide switching to another plan. That's about right. Always start with something simple.

I zoomed in "Comparative Code Chart" from "Opening the Open Source Debate" by Kenneth Brown, president of an obscure Washington DC think tank.

    OS Software and the Number of lines of code (estimated)
  • NASA Space Shuttle Flight Control <2,000,000
  • Linux Kernel -> ~ 2,000,000
  • Sun Solaris (1998-2000) ->8,000,000
  • Windows XP -> 30,000,000 !!!
If one believes NASA space shuttle flight control is less prone to crash its mission, look at the trend of this graph/data, no more argument is necessary.

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