7 Mar 2007 everdawn   » (Observer)

My goodness, I finally finished what i started some 3 months back , Using my mobile phone to control my Little robots, finally got it tweaked with the help of Adarin...He helped me with WAP programing and debugged my Java codes, and he says he's going to implement something like that soon..

Now i am a little free and going to finish a project which i started while I was with the RVS college of Engg and tech ..

Yeah, that robotic Lawnmower and a spin off , I am trying to get a GPR on it to investigate possibilities of operating a MINE robot...

But, alas. I have no access to the SENSOFT gpr kit...as i am no more with the college ...though my manager has promised to get me one(hired) from AOC...lets see.. I'll keep you posted...

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