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I reached a Milestone in my SAHMHR-Mk.2 project

Some two days ago i (finally) received my new Tx crystals which were burnt sometime bfore in the previous trial runs. Obviously, i tried to use some assortment of crude HF Tx/Rx with a diffentriater to "Stitch" my own version of GPR.

But it was (ahem..) too ambitious and it burned the onboard TX crystals in the robot(rover) which i used to transfer some data like Range, Bearing to my laptop. So i tried hard but couldnt find the excat combination of Tx/RX crystals in here and finally got in Acroname and orderd it in mid August and finally got it and checked it.Integrated it in the control circuit that i have tied to a RS232 in my laptop, and trying not to be panicked , i switchd the battery on, and you know what the POST occured smoothly and data transfers were as expected., and the trial run lasted some 18 minutes(limited bcoz the battery wasn't charged fully.)

But, i got all the data and feedback i neded to tweak my SW and the board.The activities in this trial Run Include,

1,Succesful Transfer of POST data along vehicle diagnostics via FM to the Laptop. 2,Emergency breaking and engagement of secondary (lo-level) sensors in the absence/severe of communication from basestation.(of course i switched off the TX to study it) 3,Transmission of Drive torque data and battery meter(Ampere) too.

Seperately in my BEAM Walker i'm yet to name, i dashed the bicore in favour of some FSM implementation, with a gate array of 10 7402 4 7414 and some other things to function as a primitive Adder/Subractor ,...and the characteristics are really intresting... Soon i think of documenting them in a webspace and will keep you updated ... Bye for now and Happy Robot building..and have fun...

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