23 Aug 2004 ericzayers   » (Journeyer)

My line sensors seemingly failed again after all this. I believe I was running them with too much current. OK. I am positive of this. One LED looked brown when I looked down into it. Another had actually cracked under the heat shrink. I replaced the 2 that were not working and now the readings are off. Replaced the 3rd IR LED with a part from the same soure and line detection works very well now.

I am taking a break from building the line follwing robot. The next thing is to build an improved drivetrain. The time I have to work is 4:30-6:30 am when the rest of the family is asleep. From past experience, I need to be a little more exact in my measurements, so I will have to come up to speed on some kind of CAD package so I can print out blueprints and spray mount them onto the pieces I am drilling on.

The church fall carnival comes up soon (End of September) and I want to hack Billy Bass first. I took Billy apart last night. The mouth motor isn't functioning and I need to track that down and try to fix it. I am converting Marty Vona's 8051 design to use a PIC 16F819. I'm having to consolidate a few dip switches to be read by a single pin w/ an A/D converter to make it fit onto the 18 pin PIC. Microchip has the outline of how to do this in their "Tips and Tricks" document. Wish me luck!

I drove down I-85 in North Atlanta and saw a sign for Fry's Electronics. Could it be true? Is Fry's coming to Atlanta? Their web site says nothing about it.

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