14 Nov 2005 ericzayers   » (Journeyer)

This weekend I put together a quick hack of a robotics platform to help a local middle school robotics club learn to program their OOPic. I am a little rusty on Basic so we struggled through it together. The platform had 3 buttons, 2 LEDs and 2 Servos. First I tested it at home with the Wright Hobbies DEVBOARD. I demonstrated that the platform worked, then we swapped the controller board out for the OOPic. All we did was learn to use the crimping tool to make test leads, get the LEDs to blink, and then read the pushbuttons to determine which LEDs to blink. That was enough to fill up 2 hours.

I've got some surface mount components and am trying out using them. My first attempt was to try to build a parallel LCD to I2C controller. I got it to work using the devboard, then I built a board for the ATTINY26 surface mount. I used solder paste and a toaster oven to do reflow. The circuit board looks like it got a little toasty - I probably burnt something inside the microprocessor. The meter shows that the individual signals are working, but I haven't been able to get it to properly control the LCD. I think I will skip the "budget reflow oven" technique the next time and try just using my soldering iron.

Seems like others are posting their non-robotics related stuff, so I thought I'd post that I updated by Georgia Hot Boiled Peanuts web page. It is getting pretty long! I'm thinking of breaking it down into multiple pages.

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