2 Jul 2004 ericzayers   » (Journeyer)

Hey montmoney, here is a good intro to electronics including a demo on how to get started with a solderless breadboard from www.play-hookey.com:

solderless Link to breadboard intro project

My voltage regulator problem returned. Did you know that they work much better if you don't solder them in backwards? Now I'm using wire-wrap style wire for signal circuits (but still solder it). Boy - that makes things a lot easier to work with.

I'm using the little Epson stepper motor from All Electronics that costs just $1.25. Unfortunately, it's too weak to turn a 1 1/2" wheel by itself. I need to gear it down, possibly gear it down a lot. But now i'm determined to get this working so I'm going to keep at it.

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