24 Oct 2005 ericzayers   » (Journeyer)

I had a busy weekend. Mike Lynch fwded me a Halloween project for making eerie flickering candles out of LEDs. Steve Karg brought lots of surplus bright green LEDs to one of the meetings and this is a great application for th em. The outline of a Faux Candles project is available as a PDF file from: Parallax EFX.

I also worked on getting a wiper motor hooked up to a rope to make a moving figure. The 1 1/2" pulleys made it move slowly. I used a 4" clothesline pulley and it runs at a great speed to make a halloween spook. I need some way to make sure the pully is fed to the motor so it doesn't jump the track so often (about one time out of 3 at the moment) I used wires around the rope as a safety catch to make sure no one gets hurt.

So here is the planned Halloween setup:

  • Line the driveway with halloween lights from target.
  • At the end of the halloween lights, setup the gemmy toys motion activated Beware sign from Target.
  • We have some low voltage lights that line part of the sidewalk. Leave those on for safety.
  • After that, the 7 faux candles will line the rest of the sidewalk and steps.
  • A proximity sensor near the start of the faux candles will trip and setup an eerie pattern with the lights, then activeate the spook on the rope with a remote control.

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