7 Oct 2005 ericzayers   » (Journeyer)

My new linefollower project is coming along nicely. Now the family is back, but I've got my project board w/ an ATMEGA162 MCU and HBridge wired up which is controlling both motors now.

I put the robot on the floor for a little test run (no wheel encoders yet.) Overall I was pretty pleased with the flat out speed of the bot and the ability to control speed of the motors w/ locked anti-phase PWM. But I can see that there are some issues:

  1. The wheels quickly lose traction on the painted concrete floor of my basement.
  2. The rear wheel doesn't turn and influences the direction of the robot (especially in reverse!)

The batteries are mounted toward the back of the bot. I probably need to move the over the front wheels to help with differential drive. I may need to replace the wheels with wheels of larger diameter (Currently about 1 1/2" in diameter, maybe go up to 2 1/2".)

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