5 Oct 2005 ericzayers   » (Journeyer)

The family is out of town, so I am working on robots while not out winning bread. To build a big bot with the wiper motors I'm going to need some more complex mechanics - starting with a coupler for the motor to wheels. I was going to use pulleys, but can't find anything remotely suitable at the local hardware store, so I might just have to make something myself. I can get access to a machine shop at the next AHRC RBNO, or at least some access to some good advice.

I was out and about this weekend and stopped in Hobby Town and picked up a pair of Tamiya gear boxes. Then it hit me - I could quickly build a little robot. So, I decided to go for another stab at a line follower. There was some discussion on the AHRC mailing list regarding locked anti-phase PWM which I put into action.

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