30 Sep 2005 ericzayers   » (Journeyer)

I've got my ATTINY26 based hbridge to work with PWM after nutsing around with it for a while. Don't ask me what the PWM rate is. I just kept changing the Timer 1 prescaler value until things work right (too fast, and the motor just makes a whining noise.) Now I'll try to get I2C communication and the encoder wheel working.

I need another chip to be the I2C master to communicate with the hbridges. I purchased a Wright Hobbies DevBoard-M32 for just USD$25. Nathaniel from AHRC brought one of the ATMEGA8 versions of this board to a meeting a few months ago and I really liked it. The board came quickly and I soldered it all up and tested it out in a little over an hour. Eddy Wright was very helpful too. It has a pinout for each pin of the ATMEGA32 and some extra pins for VCC, +5V and Ground for perephrial stuff. I highly recommend it.

Its my birthday today! Its been about a year since I did major work on my website. I did some housekeeping this morning and worked out a few kinks.

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