21 Sep 2005 ericzayers   » (Journeyer)

I haven't been doing nothing for all these moths.

- I finished my mini sumo mods and competed again. I won against my competitor from 14 February, but then I went up against delta force and lost. He just scooped me up and pushed me out of the way. I need more weight. I'm only at 350 grams. Something was going wrong with my eye sensors too.

- Built a digital thermometer out of an Atmel microprocessor and some nice freebie high intensity Green LEDs.

- I tried my HBridge again to try to control my 12V wiper motors, this time following a schematic gleaned from the Internet. I got it working for almost 30 minutes before it self destructed. No sparks, but some smoke from one of the MOSFET's

- I went and bought a current regulated power supply at Fry's the next day. That has helped a lot...

- I found that there was a followup schematic to the first one. I created a PCB for it and am now debugging it. I'll update the hbridge page on my website one of these days.

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