14 Feb 2005 ericzayers   » (Journeyer)

My mini sumo bot is all working now. I had my first Mini Sumo contest on 5 Feb 2005... and I lost big time. The competitor was another MarkIII kit, but when the two robots went head to head, his just pushed mine back and hardly slowed down.

I noticed he had Alkaline cells (1.5 volts) and I was using NiMH cells (1.2 volts), so I think that might have been the big difference.

I ordered the more powerful servos from Junun.org and also got the nice sticky tires. I'm going to add 2 more AA cells to my power supply too.

An issue I'm struggling with now is that I'm a little bit over on the regulation width. I've used my dremmel a bit on the servo and wheel to shave of a bit. I may have to cut off some of the fancy new tires to get them within the 10 cm width. That would be a shame - I want as much traction as possible!

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