30 Jan 2005 ericzayers   » (Journeyer)

Just got back to the MarkIII mini sumo kit today. I am using the CCS pic compiler and Linux, and realized I'd have to use another bootloader (Rick Farmer's) than the one that came pre-loaded. I tried to 'reload' the bootloader, but didn't pay very close attention to the instructions and replaced the bootloader with one of my test programs (whoops!). I had to break out the hardware PIC programmer and put the new bootloader on the old fashioned way.

To test the compiler, I used the MarkIII prototyping board. After some head scratching, I realized I'd soldered the headers in the board upside down. After scratching some of the traces and re-routing Vss and Vdd I have a blinking LED on my prototyping board.

After some trying, I realized that my servo mod was not quite right - the left servo wouldn't stay centered, so I had to ream out the gear with a larger drill bit. I can reliably control the servos with my own program, so now I'm cooking with gas. Next step, program it to beat an inanimate block of wood.

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