18 Oct 2004 ericzayers   » (Journeyer)

The billy bass audio circuit is still to be done. There is an AHRC Robot Builder's night Out tomorrow that I hope to use as an opportunity to debug the audio circuitry issues.

The current project on the bench is an H Bridge to use for a Halloween gag. I am going to put a rope up that runs along the path of our sidewalk. A "ghost" will then move along the rope via remote control.

I am using a PIC16F684 for the motor controller and MOSFETs to build an H-Bridge. It is my first H-Bridge project. I added 2 leds to show which direction the H Bridge is enabled for. With just these 2 LEDs and holding one line or the other as "high" the MOSFETs heat up pretty quickly (within about 15 seconds) and the power cuts off. I guess you really do need PWM...

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