25 Sep 2004 ericzayers   » (Journeyer)

Today is the AHRC meeting AND the CTK church carnival where the modified bass is to be put on display. I'm not sure I can make both. On top of that, I am feeling sick.

My audio circuit woes are that:

  1. There is a lot of hiss in the background when I record.
  2. There is noise caused by motors (I have mitigated against this somewhat)
  3. There is distortion.
  4. The volume isn't loud enough.

There is every indication that the LM386 isn't powerful enough to cut the mustard. I bumped up the power to 9V on the amp and that helped some. I built a "Better" amp circuit based on the LM386 that had less distortion, but it still wasn't loud enough and it is still on the breadboard. I don' t know that I have time to solder it up for the festival (starts at 10am)

The end result is that the hack "worked" but isn't quite as impressive as I had hoped. I acquired another fish robotic toy called "Rocking Fish" which is a really bad knockoff of Billy Bass which is a bad knockoff of "Boogie Bass". So what I did is made a little umbilical cord and now the control circuit moves *both* fish. I hope that kind of makes up for the lame sound quality I am getting.

I will try to update my webpage tomorrow.

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