28 Jun 2004 ericzayers   » (Journeyer)

The WM Berg Grab Bag was 19 lbs and ended up costing about $37 with shipping included. I got lots of dowel pins, a lot of nice gears of different types, set screws, nylon screws, and assorted other stuff (anyone need a 90V electric brake?) I think it was a pretty good deal, but now I know I have a lot of stuff I'll never use, or maybe will only be good for ballast. Anyone need 3/32" x 1/2" dowel pins? I've got lots to spare.


I am having some kind of problem with the line following project. I took the circuit off the breadboard and wired up one stepper motor and it seemed to be working fine. I wired up the second one and now it is just flaky.

I took my latest work to the AHRC meeting and got lots of good advice - use 30awg wire wrap wire, ground my digital and motor logic differently, use a crystal oscillator, not a resonator, bump up the voltage on my battery pack (add another battery). I still think the voltage regulator might be bad - it was all working before (sniff!)

I mounted the motors on some plastic I cut from the Lanier copier with my table saw. A table saw cuts plastic really easily :-) I'll make a new web page for this project soon.

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