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18 Aug 2008 (updated 18 Aug 2008 at 19:21 UTC) »
An 18-DOF hexapod robot was completley designed and developed at the University of Florence by Andrea Foschi in 2005. It was later tamed by Marco Natalini and Alessandro Mambelli using Evidence Srl's FLEX Light board and ERIKA kernel. The main purpose for adopting FLEX is due to its low-cost development kit that permits easy addition of features i.e. sensors and behaviour. Since then, a number of students have worked on this hexapod. The future version would use the FLEX Full board. The Software: In the original version, kinematics of the legs were resolved offline and in the tamed version, kinematics of the legs are resolved online using Evidence Srl's ERIKA kernel. The Hardware:... Hexapod Robot

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