20 Apr 2005 egoo76   » (Journeyer)

Well I take my CCNA tomorrow and what a relief it will be to get this out of the way. That is as long as I pass the darn thing! I took the test a couple of weeks ago and failed, so I figured I shouldn't let all that study time go to waste and rescheduled to take it again. I slacked a bit the first week but I have really been hitting it hard now. I love computer networking but I will be glad to get a break from the intricacies I have to study. I was pretty disappointed after failing the first time, I put in a lot of work, but I found that I was focused on totally different areas than what I should have been. I am really tired today, I was up most of the night cramming and I am sure I will be up most of the night tonight too.

During my little breaks I have been thinking about new robot designs and concepts. I am hoping to get back into my robot by next week (if I pass my test I am going to brain dump over the weekend, play pool and drink) and work some more on the lower leg, ankle, and foot assembly. I will update Friday on how I did, I doubt anybody is actually looking at this, but it helps me to relieve a little stress blurting it out.


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