9 Mar 2005 egoo76   » (Journeyer)

I recieved the BASIC Stamp 2 OEM kit today and I am very excited! It only took a week to get here from Parallex with standard ground shipping. So I paid $36 and some change total. As I said before this is a kit that needs to be soldered, but I like to solder so no big deal. This will be the brain for my biped. I have been wondering about what type of soldering iron I should used (AC or Butane) to assemble the board. I figure that AC will be okay because I do not actually solder any of the chips, only the sockets. Besides, I have not done any fine soldering with my Butane torch/soldering iron.

I generally use the torch for soldering the frame on my robot. Their is quite a learning curve involved in the way I have chosen to assemble this thing, but I am slowly advancing.

I have been using metal clothes hangers for the frame, thread-all for the shafts, and various nuts and bolts. I cut the hangers into their three straight pieces and sand off the enamel. If I need to bend it I heat the metal up with my torch. It works really well but it is very time consuming. I chose this method because it is cheap, and that is really the only reason.

I have decided to use an empty tin coffee can for the 'body'. I have not decided if I am going to integrate arms into the design yet, probably not on this bot. I have also been working on the balance issue when the bot steps forward. I have come up with a sub structure in the 'calf' portion that will tilt on an axis further up the leg rather than having it tilt at the ankle. I'll keep it up and write later.


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