2 Mar 2005 egoo76   » (Journeyer)

Well it has been a while since I posted an entery, so here it goes. I have been working a lot and getting much accomplished. I have the entire left leg frame built and the knee mechanics done. I still need to finish the foot and ankle mechanics. I have been working on the foot mechanics these past couple of days. I have decided to use a standard dc motor and reduce the speed with a dual worm gear configuration. I am pondering whether or not to use a stepper motor for the ankle or not. I probably will since that is what will actually turn the 'bot. I recently purchased some more gears and IC's from Nelnick.com, I specifically ordered a stepper motor controller. I have never used a stepper motor before let alone a motor controller IC, but it looks very interesting. I also purchased a STAMP 2 OEM kit today for only $30.00! It requires some soldering but that isn't to bad for the price. I have been looking at how many I/O's it will take to controll just the walking mechanics and it looks like a lot. I still need to add feed back and sensors too. So I have decided to construct several sub-systems to control most of the walking funtions and free up some I/O ports. We will see how that goes. I still need to consider power requirements and run time. Well, I will keep it up and write again.

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