31 Jan 2005 egoo76   » (Journeyer)

I finally got a BASIC STAMP kit, it comes with a BS2 soldered to a 'Homework' board, which is a pc board with a small breadboard, associated MC circuitry, 9v plug, and a serial port. It also comes with several loose items: resistors, a transistor, a potentiometer IC chip, a servo, LEDs, pushbuttons, potentiometer, Cds Cell, and a small piezo element. On top of that it came with a CD full of stuff and a several hundred page book! I paid arount $90 for the kit which I bought from Radio Shack, and I am very satisfied indeed.

I am amazed at how easy it is to use, especially the programming portion. I hope to soon make my way through the instruction book and then begin to write a program for my robot. In the mean time I will of course experiment with different motor and sensory functions that are not included in the kit.

I am really no closer to completion with my robot mechanically. I am in a small room with thin walls and a tiny desk. But, I have been getting a feel for the atmosphere around the area and it seems pretty relaxed. I should be able to pull out some tools soon and begin working away! Finding time is another problem, I work longer hours here then at my home station. Well, I will update things as I go along. Oh yeah, still no internet in my room.

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