19 Jul 2005 egoo76   » (Journeyer)

Well, I am moving in a couple of weeks. That being said, I will have little to no time to work on my bot. I am hoping that when I get settled down again I will be able to start hitting it harder then I have been. I have been working on a new bot though. I am putting my biped on hold to complete this one. It is a tread bot, and man does it have mobility! I managed to salvage one of my son's toys, an old battery operated tank. It made a lot of sounds and moved back and forth when the 'cannon' was fired. That is all it did, wiggle back and forth. So when he had torn it up to the point I could take it without any guilt =) I jumped on it. After cracking it open I found a dual motor system that was tied together to provide forward/backward movement. I unsoldered those connections and made some new ones that provide forward/backward, left/right. I am making the H-Bridges now. I also modified the body to let it climb better. Before I did this the body stuck out past the treads, so it would not climb anything taller then itself. Now, man does it grab a hold and go! I must say that I am normally a big proponent of fabrication, and I do not like to take toys apart to make robots. I see it a lot and it works for some people, I am just not one of those people.....until now!!! Man, it is a lot easier. Anyway I will slap some sensors on it, maybe an arm, and put a STAMP for a brain. I would like to make this thing to have a deliberate purpose (like fire detection/fighting, etc.)But I haven't decided yet. I will start back on my biped later this year or at the start of '06. I would like to purchase a metal mill and a metal lathe along with an o-scope before then, but we will see. I am relocating to the Portland, OR Metro area later this year (end of Nov.) and I am looking forward to joining up with some groups up there. I'll right soon.


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