27 Jul 2001 edleighton   » (Master)

Hi all,

I have not been on this web site in quite a while. I was away on holiday and really had quite a good rest. A rest can do wonders when thinking of robots.

I was quite fortunate. While discussing my robot lawnmower with an old school friend , the conversation moved to PIC controllers. Gone are the ideas of using C++ and Linux on the 386 PC controller , I'm going to throw all that out , create a more compact robot and use a PIC16F84 to do all the work! Of course I will have to program in PIC assembler using MPLAB but it seems to be a worthwhile direction in which to go!

Any suggestions on software and hardware using the PIC16F84 would be most welcome.

My old school friend even donated a PIC programmer and IC (Man am I grateful)

Okay just a short message to say Hi


Eddie Leighton , Lichtenburg , South Africa

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