16 Apr 2001 edleighton   » (Master)

Hi all,

I mounted my large castor wheel onto the MACH 2001 this weekend and it worked very well. I had to make a very sturdy bracket for it after I found out the hard way that a flimsy bracket gives the effect of a car with worn shock absorbers! :)

There is more to robotics than meets the eye. I wrote a program for the MACH 2001 in PASCAL to go forward and relying on the IR Proximity sensors to avoid obstacles , but the battery voltage went low causing the IR sensitivity to decrease. The robot rammed into a cupboard and almost damaged the electronics!

Whats more to building robots is presenting it on a web page. I discovered new things in HTML for frames and although it seems simple now , it was a mission to learn. :) My son helped me there!

Well here's to a new week that lies ahead.

Happy roboting!

Eddie ..........

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