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Hi all,

Robots.net seems to be one of the most active robot sites on the net and the whole concept seems to be working very well in joining enthusiasts worldwide. Thanks to all the developers of this site!

I am busy getting myself up to date with C++ programming which seems an ideal language to use on a PC based robot like the MACH2001.

I discovered an article on the net via Linux links and the address is http://guides.oernii.sk/c++/htm/ch06.htm

Just substitute the ch06.htm for the day (1 to 21). I did a course on C++ many years ago and it was always a dark area for me until I discovered this document. I have reached day 7 in three days! One of the guys here said he has not even reached this level in two years!

Happy roboting!


Hi all,

Thanks to Steve for giving me contact information for robot enthusiasts here in South Africa. I contacted Warren and we have exchanged email.

I modified the MACH 2001 so much so that the name will become the MACH 2001 Model II! The robot is a true 3 wheeler now.

I will post more info with construction details in the near future.



Reading articles on robot competitions makes me really envious! :) I don't know of such competions in South Africa , sometime I feel quite alone here. Are there any other South African robot enthusiasts?

After adding my large castor wheel I sit with a balancing problem where my centre of gravity on the MACH 2001 is more over the main drive wheels than towards the castor so I may have to rebuild the robot. One great mission so I'm still pondering over a better solution.

At this stage at work we are looking at SUSE LINUX and who knows maybe the operating system on the MACH 2001 might just become that? We should get the professional package this afternoon!


Eddie Leighton

Hi all,

Just come back from a 1000 Km drive to the Northern Cape and back. I discovered ANFY from a robot enthusiast that contacted me by email. What a lovely package to enhance your website with!

Check out my robot displayed with an ANFY effect!


I was amazed I'm sure you would be too!



Hi all,

I mounted my large castor wheel onto the MACH 2001 this weekend and it worked very well. I had to make a very sturdy bracket for it after I found out the hard way that a flimsy bracket gives the effect of a car with worn shock absorbers! :)

There is more to robotics than meets the eye. I wrote a program for the MACH 2001 in PASCAL to go forward and relying on the IR Proximity sensors to avoid obstacles , but the battery voltage went low causing the IR sensitivity to decrease. The robot rammed into a cupboard and almost damaged the electronics!

Whats more to building robots is presenting it on a web page. I discovered new things in HTML for frames and although it seems simple now , it was a mission to learn. :) My son helped me there!

Well here's to a new week that lies ahead.

Happy roboting!

Eddie ..........

Hi it is almost the easter weekend. I managed to get hold of a large castor wheel at an amateur radio flea market last weekend. My plan is to mount this castor as a third wheel for the robot lawnmower instead of the 2 balancing castor wheels presently employed on the robot.

My infrared proximity detectors are mounted and are working on the +5 volt power supply used for the 386 computer. The detector is unfortunately prone to ambient light even though the signal is modulated at +- 3 Khz and the same filter on the receiver.

I should have more photos of the latest developments which I will post on my web page as soon as I can get them developed. Note the diagrams for the motor control and infrared units are also on my site now.

Greetings to you all

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