13 Jan 2003 earlwb   » (Master)

Atmel Atmega8 and Atmega128 MLF package MCU's from digikey or Pioneer are finally available in some small quantities. A Atmega8 MLF chip is about 5mm square, really small. I ordered some, I hope to shrink my nano-sumo robot PCB's down to one PCB with the MCU, dual hbridge motor controllers, and really hopefully maybe even the 1.2v to 5v DC-DC converter all onto one under 1 inch PCB. Currently, my nano-sumo PCB has a MCU board, two motor controller boards, and a DC-DC converter board. I actually use a LM2621 DC-DC converter that puts out about 1 amp max, so I use it to drive all the electronics including the two tiny motors as well. Then I can use one nicad or nmh battery cell just like the little Microsizer RC cars.

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