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Sorry I was so excited that I forgot to mention that this is the new Analog Devices ADXR150 Gyroscope IC and ADXL202 Accelerometer IC.

It's alive, It's Alive!!

I was successful at mounting my Gyro chip on a PCB. Plus the circuit works too. Really, really neat. I had a PCB layout done for me by ExpressPCB.Com, I then applied some flux onto the PCB and carefully placed the chip. Then I used a hot air rework station to carefully heat up the stuff and solder it down. Of course you have to carefully hold the chip in place to prevent it moving as the hot air flows under and around it. It took about three seconds to heat it up real nice. You could tell as the solder started flowing as the chip would drop down ever so slightly.

I am planning a project submission for the DPRG website detailing my PCB layout for a combo low cost Gyro/Accelerometer system on one PCB.

Of course low cost is relative. Right now the Gyro chip costs $39.90 in single units, and the Accelerometer costs about $29.90 in single units as well. So we have about $20.00 for the PCB (piggy back with other layouts), $70.00 for the two chips, plus maybe about $10.00 for other assorted parts like capcitors, inductor, regulators, connectors, etc. So it looks to be about $90.00 or so, to build one up. But then a while back another company wanted something like $4500 for a gyro chip setup. So in that case it is low cost.

But it is really cool, works nice, the gyro is real fast and very sensitive to small tilt changes. The Accelermeter allows you to compensate for the creeping gyro errors that occur in things like a two wheeled balancing robot.

I love it when things actually work. It is so hard to debug and fix things in the unknown never been there before area.

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