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            FIRST Robotics Competition Team 212! if you participate in FIRST please contact me Dukeman911@aol.com Well, to start I am a high school student who is majoring in Robotic engineering once I graduate from high school. I am taking engineering in high school so I build robots all the time. I mainly use Legos to build them since they are cheaper and easier to build but I also build real robots for competition. My high school enters the F. I. R. S. T. Robotics competition Each year. That competition is designed for all High Schools in the United States. Our first year in the Competition my school came in 3rd place in the regional competition (by the way we are looking for sponsorship because it costs about 25 Thousands dollars for all the fees for the competitions and building the robots and so on). Since it is so expencive to be in the compition Huge Companies like GM, Toyta, Nasa and all those big companies sponcer teams and even help build the robot. But since we dont have any big sponcer our Robot is 100 % school built. The students and teachers all work together to build the robot. Check out this cool Site with cool pics and also some pics of the Engineering Lab and this one has more pics of the robots we made and also during competitions at Nationals!!!.

            Now on to me, in my second year of high school mr friend and I entered the science fair with my robotic hockey players. They were robots that played hockey using A.I. and 2 robots played hockey against each other. It won 2nd place in the School science fair and we also won 3 awards in the regional Science Fair. Intel Excellence in Computer Science award, Herbert Hoover Young Engineer Award, and the Woodsman of the World Outstanding skills in computer programming award. From that my other friend (theymightberudy) I went on and built another project for the next years science project which was a Robotic Arm to help disabled people. We never got around to marketing it yet but We plan to if we get funding. Its a robotic arm that is designed to help mainly in the kitchen and help get things off the counter or in a cabinet and give it to the user. It can be controlled any way the user wants to be controlled from being remote controlled to being controlled by breathing into straws. That project won 2 awards at Regionals. United States Army Engineering Award and the S. E. C. M. E. (Science and Engineering organization) Engineering award. we were a state finalist and made it to the State Science fair where we came in 3rd place. I plan on for my Senior year in High School to build my biggest and toughest project yet for science fair which will to find out if the human brain is strong enough and capable of controlling robots. I cant go into details since it is Top Secret and still under development. There's a lot more to be but I think that should be enough.

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I just wanted to tell you guys that i got the links working and now you can see the pics from Competition and also of the engineering lab at my school. Engineering Lab and Competition pics and also of robot

3 Jul 2001 (updated 3 Jul 2001 at 22:41 UTC) »

Here is a little information about one of the robotic Competition that I am in and also one that is listen the robotics competition section on the site. Its called F.I.R.S.T. For Inspiration and Recognition in Science and Technology. Each year they come out with a new challenge. Once the challenge is revealed (sometime around January each year) you have 6 weeks to design build and program your own robot. Some teams get Professional help but we just get help from our Engineering teach in school. Our school has all the equipment needed to build a robot such as a computer controlled Lathe and also milli machine. We have several drill press's and many other machines. My favorite station in the lab is the Assembly line. It has 2 robotics Arm's a conveyer belts system a camera to scan all the parts made and a milli machine to make the parts. It all works together to build and assemble parts. Once you finish building the robot you must ship it away. Building the robot is ALWAYS fun but its a lot more fun at the competitions! there are like 15 regional Competitions and 1 national competition. About 300 Teams participate in the competition. Its such an outstanding experience. here are some pictures of our lab and robot. http://communities.msn.com/EngineeringAtMKHS/photos1.msnw and this one has more pics of robots we made http://mkhsrobot.freeservers.com/robot.htm

In the mean time before i start my Project (i start july 9th thats when summer school starts) im working on a prototype for a new control system. Im working on a joystick that has 2 touch sensors one for thumb and one for index finger and then having the whole golve attached to a rotational sensor with a weight at the end of the sensor so it detecet when i rotate my wrist like a gyro chip. This is the start of my Joystick glove that im going to use to control my robots. Once i figure it out and get it working i will attach it to my wrist and elbow so it gets left and right movement and also up and down. Just a prototype right now and im useing legos until it works then im going to build it out of metal and real sensors

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Well i just joined up today and i cannot belive i found a site this perfect! its awsome i hope people on here can help me and i will also be greatful to help anyone who needs it.

well im starting my science fair project soon and im trying to get all the equipment needed for it. im planning on building a mind reading device that will be able to read your thoughts and control robots by thinking. I ran into a problem though. The sensor i am useing im not sure if it can work with the Basic Stamp Board Anyone on here familiar with that board if so please email me i need to ask you some questions. Dukeman911@aol.com


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