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In the mean time before i start my Project (i start july 9th thats when summer school starts) im working on a prototype for a new control system. Im working on a joystick that has 2 touch sensors one for thumb and one for index finger and then having the whole golve attached to a rotational sensor with a weight at the end of the sensor so it detecet when i rotate my wrist like a gyro chip. This is the start of my Joystick glove that im going to use to control my robots. Once i figure it out and get it working i will attach it to my wrist and elbow so it gets left and right movement and also up and down. Just a prototype right now and im useing legos until it works then im going to build it out of metal and real sensors

3 Jul 2001 (updated 3 Jul 2001 at 17:12 UTC) »

Well i just joined up today and i cannot belive i found a site this perfect! its awsome i hope people on here can help me and i will also be greatful to help anyone who needs it.

well im starting my science fair project soon and im trying to get all the equipment needed for it. im planning on building a mind reading device that will be able to read your thoughts and control robots by thinking. I ran into a problem though. The sensor i am useing im not sure if it can work with the Basic Stamp Board Anyone on here familiar with that board if so please email me i need to ask you some questions. Dukeman911@aol.com

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