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6 Oct 2005 (updated 6 Oct 2005 at 12:50 UTC) »

MARIE 0.4, FlowDesigner 0.9.0 and RobotFlow 0.2.6 Released

The LABORIUS Research Laboratory on Mobile Robotics and Intelligent Systems, Université de Sherbrooke, Québec, Canada, is proud to announce the latest release of its software suite including MARIE 0.4, FlowDesigner 0.9.0 and RobotFlow 0.2.6.

MARIE is a robotics development and integration environment focused on software reusability and exploitation of already available APIs and middlewares frequently used in robotics. MARIE is based on ACE for its communications. This version supports : FlowDesigner, RobotFlow, Player/Stage/Gazebo, CARMEN , PMAP, RADISH, ARIA, ARNL, Expression Toolkit and Festival.

FlowDesigner is a data flow-oriented development environment. It can be used to build complex applications by combining small, reusable building blocks. In some ways, it is similar to both Simulink and LabView , but is hardly a clone of either. Few bugs were fixed in this release and we are preparing for the integration of more Lapack and Octave blocks.

RobotFlow is a mobile robotics tookit based on the FlowDesigner project. The visual programming interface provided in the FlowDesigner project will help people to better visualize and understand what is really happening in the robot's control loops, sensors,actuators, by using graphical probes and debugging in real-time. More behaviors and vision blocks using OpenCV were added to this release.

All comments and contributions are welcomed.
The Laborius development team.

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