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This is my Fourth design of a robot, I just started when I was five doing a small robot out of cardboard and I filled it with a circuit coming from a small AM radio set and a 6 volts light bulb on top of its head. On College I did a remote controlled robotic arm for a control class. That one was made of plywood and moved with servo motors that I gathered from my part time job. After I graduated, The robotic arm changed to a smaller size made of sturdy cardboard but this time I put a servo controlled unit from Scott Edwards for moving the motors. The control unit receives the commands from any computer via a RS-232 port.

In this Robot I use my thesis board for the transmitter to send serial data trough a Cordless phone RF module at 900 Mhz frecuency. The Micro for this board is a 80C31.

For the Robot I used a PIC 16F84 to control the motors using a H bridge for each one. and the same scott edwards for the servos in the camera mount. Since the 16F84 has no serial port I used 2 pins and software routines to emulate the serial communications by falling edge interrupt for the received section and a delay and rotate trough carry for the transmit part.

The body of the robot comes from an old toy robot that has no remote control founded in a thrift store for less than 2 bucks.

The camera sends the picture to a nearby TV set tuned to channel 13.

It took me about a year to finish the project due to most of the parts are salvage from old items that I'd been collecting all this time without spending to much on it.

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