21 Sep 2002 davee   » (Master)

Sales of the Serial Sonar Decoder is doing better than expected. There is a new version coming down the pipe, It uses RJ11 cables instead of the original headers. Mainly we are adopting an interface standard that is based on a four wire standard and the RJ11 is a good standard to adopt.

Yesterday we added the ability to handle the Sharp GP2D02 IR sensor to the board. The Serial Sonar Decoder now handles the SRF04 and the GP2D02. We will probably have to rename it now, since it is no longer strickly a SONAR board.

The board defaults to the SRF04, but with a serial command, you can tell it to use the GP2D02 on a specific port instead.

The IR sensor gives excellent short range (4-30 inches) in tenths of an inch.

Look for it at wehali.com

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