3 Aug 2002 davee   » (Master)

Today, I added code to allow the movement of the bot in precise distances and turn in specific degrees. K1 can now navigate the trinity fire fighting contest's house. At least it traverses an open area that is modeled on the house. I've ordered an eltec 433-2 pyroelectic sensor to be mounted on the head. It does not have line sensors yet and we will see if they are needed. Since the bot knows where it it, it may not need them. We will see.

I've relocated the left and right sonar units to the sides, over the tires, looking directly right and left, as opposed to the 45 degree of center that they had been. This required a minor change in the code, but now I can detect a room simply by the range data from the side sonar units.

I plan on building a Trinity house for the development. Seems I have a few sheets of plywood out back that will come in handy.

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