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Strabo Pathfinder continues to grow in complexity as more and more robots adapt Strabo. If you want to give your robot the ability to move about freely, you owe it to yourself to check Strabo out.

We are trying to find robot conferences to go to so we can show it off but we're not having a lot of success at it.

I've started another robot project. This one is a PC based full sized robot that will be fully functional with the ability to go indoors and out. The mobile platform is a tread based design using treads off a garden machine. Will be using the wheelchaire motors off the battlebot, vantec ESC, shafte encoders, Ultrasonic, IR and Video for collision detection and object recognition. It will also have a propane powered gas generator to keep the batteries charged. DGPS, Digital compass and Strabo for navigation. Since the PC already has seech recognition and Text to Speech, that will be integrated along with a redundant wireless connection to the Strabo server. All of this will be built into the base. I hope to be able to have this running by mid March and by then, I should have an idea about what to put on the base. I am thinking about several possiblilties, but it certainly will have arms and grippers to grab things.

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