27 Dec 2002 davee   » (Master)

Once again, I've been neglecting this forum.

My current project is a pathfinding system for my ER-1 robot. Given a series of waypoints, the robot can find its way around the house without bumping into anything thanks to my sensortrak board by simply following the waypoints created by the pathfinder software. Pathfinder lets you create a map of a building or set of rooms and uses Dijkstra and A* pathfinding algorithms to find the best route between two points. This route is returned in the form of a list of turns and distances for the robot to execute. SONAR provides collision avoidance and provides real time map updates as new obstacles are discovered.

Pathfinder can be used by any PC language that supports COM objects. This includes C++, Visual Basic, PERL, Python, Delphi and more.

I'm also working on a line following module for the sensortrak board and consequentialy a charging nest.

Since I got my hands on the ER-1, I haven't put any time into the Kanati project. It's not dead, but will probably sit on the back burner until I get my hands on a real tiny single board PC.

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