2 Oct 2003 dafyddwalters   » (Master)

Open Automaton Project Update:

The Head Control Module is now up and running. This is a PICmicro-based device for driving up to two RC servos (for Pan and Tilt) and optionally interfacing with an Eltec 442-3 pyroelectric passive infrared human body heat sensor.

The Head Control Module allows a host to limit the maximum speed of servo movement, facilitating very smooth pan and tilt motion. This also allows the position of heat sources to be recorded fairly accurately.

The module uses I2C to interface with a host controller, and a command-line utility program (which runs on GNU/Linux) is available for testing the interface and experimenting with the module.

There's still some testing to do on the passive infrared sensing, but the servo drive functionality is fully tested.

Sourceforge appears to be experiencing some Shell issues this morning, and I've not been able to update the tarball on the downloads page, so you'll need to either wait a few hours before downloading the code from there, or use direct anonymous CVS access (you'll know you've got an up-to-date release if you have version 1.8 or later of head_control_module.asm).

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