6 Jun 2007 cschur   » (Master)

Hi all, Here is an update for the "Docking Logic" research.

We are on the last configuration to evaluate. So far, we have fully tested the pros and cons of these types:

1. Dual hoops contacts 2. cylinder contacts 3. Flat plate on wall

The final configuration is a bit uncertain at this point, but we are going to evaluate the method of simply driving the robot onto a flat charge plate to replenish. Its not as easy at it sounds! Using some sort conductive wheels is not a good choice, you dont want to know what metal wheels do to our wood floors in the house. Contacts that drag or drop to the ground may be one solution. I dont like dragging a set of contact brushes around the wood floor either. Once we have fully evaluated this technique, all the primary research is complete, and we will start the huge write up on the "Docking Logic" subject.

If you have some novel way your robot docks to charge, write us, we'd love to hear from you!



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