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Hi all,

We are proceeding well with the first tests of the huge Docking Logic program. The sensitivity of the PNA4602 is startling to say the least! First we constructed an wave form generator by programming a PIC 12F629 chip to go high 12uS, and low 12us. We used a 20mhz xtal for accuracy. WE got 38.46mhz on the counter. That drives a 2n3904 which drives the IR Led. The range was tested with various in line current limiting resistors.

I first started with a standard 270 ohm, and had a range of over 20 feet to make the PNA device active! So powerful was the beam that the whole room lit up in IR and specular sources were everywhere. Next we put a 50k pot in line, and adjusted to set the distance the device would activate. Much to our suprise, even at 50k, the PNA device would slam on at about a foot. Phenomenal. For our testing, we will now vary the power level to simulate the effect of the beacon and how the robot will react to it at its limits as well as when it is strong.

Happy robots.

PS: did you get your wowee robots from macdonalds yet???


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