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HI All,

Were now building our next robotic project, Picbot III, which will be used to gather data for a very in depth project on - you guessed it: IR Prox Logic.

I had some stamp sized circuit boards made by PCBexpress, and they are for the IS417 prox sensors and contain the dual 910nm IR leds. The interesting thing to think about with using this device is 1. The modulation frequency is 50kc, and wont interfere with other IR devices at 38kc, and 2. the wavelength of this IR is MUCH higher than a standard IR like 700 - 800nm. This means my web cam cant see the beams in the dark! This would be to charecterize the beams for an angular resolution analysis. I do however, have one of those edmund phosphor cards which it barely activates. So the quest continues as to how I will veiw the beam directly. (my russian IR night vision scope cant see the beams either!)

Anyone have any ideas for 910nm?

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